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How Can Issues Arise with a Diesel Common Rail Injector System?

If you have a diesel-engined vehicle, the fuel must be delivered in a certain fashion to maintain performance and avoid any issues. In fact, diesel has to be pumped at a much higher rate when compared to a traditional petrol engine, as it also needs to act as a coolant to regulate some of the crucial component parts. So, how much pressure does this put on the individual fuel injectors and the system that controls fuel flow?

Understanding the Process

A high-precision injector serves each one of the cylinders on your diesel engine. Inside each injector are a large number of microscopic holes that sit within the combustion chamber and inject the fuel. This fuel must be converted into a fine spray rather than a droplet and pressurised to achieve the best performance. This pressurisation process is handled within the common manifold that receives the fuel once it is pumped from the tank.

Ensuring Adequate Flow

Diesel must flow through the system continuously in order to fill the injectors at the crucial moment of detonation. This requires careful management, as if the delivery is substandard, significant issues can arise. Consequently, the system will also have a means of rerouting any excess fuel back to the tank or the fuel pump.

Filtering the Fuel

It's also crucial to ensure that the fuel is of high quality. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when you buy your supply from a service station. This is why there are filters to eliminate any contamination. Typically, there will be a primary filter between the pump and the common rail and a secondary filter that may be built into the injection system.

Dealing with Contamination Issues

Still, a certain amount of contamination may get through, no matter the defences that have been put in place. If so, it may eventually start to clog those fine holes built into the injector's body. This can lead to misfires, premature detonation and general performance issues, and if you suspect problems here, you need to take action.

Effecting Repairs

When you take your vehicle to a mechanic, they will disassemble the entire fuel delivery system, including the common rail and associated injectors. They may need to replace specific components if they find that they will not respond well to a deep clean. If this is the case, always ensure that you buy the highest quality parts, so they operate well within such a volatile environment.

Reach out to an auto parts retailer for more information on common rail injectors.