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Different Types of Spare Parts You Should Buy and Store in Your Boot

When you think of buying spare parts, you probably assume that this will only be necessary when your car has an issue. Admittedly, several auto parts can acquire damage and will require replacing, but what you should bear in mind is that auto problems are not scheduled. Instead, they crop up when it is least convenient, and the last thing you want is to be stuck on the road with no ability to help yourself. While there are major car problems, such as battery failure, that can require you to enlist roadside assistance services, there are minor issues that you can easily address on your own. This article outlines the different types of  spare parts that you should buy and store in the boot of your car.

Spare spark plugs

The spark plugs are some of the most underrated auto parts, yet they play a crucial role in keeping your car moving. The spark plugs function to ignite the power that will be employed to activate the pistons in the engine. When the pistons are activated, the engine comes alive and the car turns on. With time, though, grime can collect on the spark plugs. When this dirt builds up, it can result in rust, and this hinders the performance of the spark plugs. Consequently, you will have trouble starting your engine. If you have spare spark plugs in your boot, you could easily switch out the old ones and get back on the road.

Spare light bulbs

The second type of auto part that not many motorists pay attention to is bulbs, even though your car uses several of them at a time. Certainly, light bulbs are the last thing on your mind when you are driving during the day. However, if you need to take care of an emergency in the middle of the night, you will need functional lights or you stand the chance of getting fined. On the other hand, if you are driving in inclement weather with low visibility, you need bright headlights to navigate the roads safely. Fortunately, spare light bulbs are not expensive, so you can buy several to be on the safe side.

Spare fuses

Although your engine generates the electricity to get your vehicle up and running, the fuses are the auto parts that are tasked with transmitting this power to the various electrical systems. If one or more fuses blow, you will notice that essential components like your windshield wipers will stop working. And this can translate into disaster when driving in the rain. These different electrical features do not operate with the same amperage, so it is advisable to store several different types in the boot of the car.

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