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Exclusive tips for buying your first lift kit (4wd lift kits)

In case you've got your 4WD and you take a lot of off-road trips, then a lift kit would be one of your top priorities. But giving your car a lift kit isn't as easy as you think. A walk in a mechanic store can baffle you as to the many choices that exist in the market. So if you enjoy your off-road trips and wish to keep them that way, then you need to know about the kinds of kits available.

Types of kits

Body lift kit

This one increases the distance between the body and frame. Very thick polymers are placed between the body of the vehicle and its frame, thereby raising the vehicles height. However, these kinds of kits don't really increase the ground clearance, but they can enable you to install larger tyres.


There are also kits designed specifically in levelling the vehicles. Some SUVs and trucks have the back slightly higher than the front and this may not please others. Levelling kits can easily be installed in your vehicle to even it out.

Suspension kit

Suspension kits suspend the vehicle's body, engine and also frame. It's suitable for people who want increased off-road performance. However, it's advisable to make small and steady increments with a suspension kit because lifting the car by large margins makes it respond differently when driving.

Additional considerations

Style and function

In getting these kits, there are two main factors to consider: the style and function. They are going to be your guide in purchasing them because each kit has got its purpose. It's no mystery that your car is a reflection of your style and you definitely want it to make a statement once you cruise the streets. But the main reason would be in the functionality so you need to buy a kit that you'll love.


Consider the brand that you're buying from and do your research intensively. Getting a brand that has been in the industry for years and made a good name for itself is an additional plus to your purchase.


You'll realise that some states have strict laws against lift kits as compared to others. When making your purchase, ensure you are within the legalities of your state laws. Moreover, you should also know that lift kits sometimes void the warranty on a vehicle.

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