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Why Buy New Brake Rotors for Your Car Rather than Used?

Replacing parts for your car when it needs repairs can be expensive, which is why many people turn to used parts rather than new. These parts are usually found at salvage yards where they've been taken off junked cars, and while in some cases they may work as well as new parts, in other cases it's best to always invest in new parts no matter the cost. Your car's braking system, and especially the rotors, are one area where you don't want to skimp on quality just to save some money.

Before you decide that it's okay to buy used rotors for your car, note a few reasons why it's good to invest in new rotors rather than used.

1. Wear and tear on the suspension system

Brake rotors are sometimes turned so that they're smooth and can be used again and again, rather than replaced. However, if they've been heated too many times such as during this turning process, they can warp. This can cause damage to your car's tires and the suspension system. Remember that the car's brake rotors are attached to the wheels of the car and if the rotors are warped or too thin, the wheels and the suspension will not get the support they need. You might save money by installing used rotors when they need replacing, only to wind up spending money on suspension repairs down the road.

2. Damage to pads and total brake failure

If the rotors are scored too far, meaning they've been turned and machined too many times, they will cause damage to the brake pads themselves as they cannot as easily absorb the pressure of the brake pads when they're applied. In turn, your car may experience total brake failure when on the road. Damaging your brake pads with overly turned rotors will also mean that you may need to replace those pads more often than you should.

When brake pads are pressed against the rotors, heat is created; this heat is partially absorbed by the thickness of the rotor. If the rotors are too thin, this can cause the brakes to continuously run hot and in turn, you increase the risk of brake failure. This too causes damage to the brake pads. Again, you may save money initially on used rotors but wind up paying more for brake pads over the years, as they get worn down more quickly than they should.

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